Slot machines are one of the most popular hazard games. One can come across them almost anywhere, the minimal bet is usually very low and they have simple controls. That's why they are so popular amongst players. Now you can play these games absolutely for free. Internet cafés often offer free slot games.
If you are going to play free slots, you will play on the same machine as people play on for money. So free games are a great opportunity to learn various tricks that will help you win when playing for real money. You can even see here, how much money you would win if you played with them. That's why even if you don't know slot games as much, the free slot games are a great opportunity to find your way to them.

So do you want to play for free? Then there's nothing as easy as visiting internet casino and get into it. For you to be able to play you only need a standart web browser. There is a variety of games for you to choose from. There are classic 3-cylindrical machines with fruit symbols, which you surely have seen before. But you can also play on modern 5-cylindrical machines and video slots. 5-cylindrical machines usually offer many options. There are about 20 possible winning rows included, which you can bet on. Some of them are rather difficult, so you will surely appreciate the opportunity to play for free first and learn the rules.

If you play free slot machines, that's a good chance to try lots of different machines and find your favourite, where you can play for money. Even if the games look very similar at first, each one has its specific rules, like the bet amount, number of rows you can bet on and others. If you try them for yourself, you will see what suits you the best.

You can try what it's like to play for money. And then use the experience, there's no loss for at least trying it.

Gonzos Quest slots

Gonzos Quest is 5-cylindrical slot game in the theme of conquering The New World. You will surely be interested in the Avalanche system, whic is not as frequent on slot machines. The machine doesn't have the classic cylinders but individual blocks, which always fall down to the place of cylinders. If you create a winning row, the block you have won with will disappear and another ones will fall on their place. It's like the tetris game. Of course, you can create a winning row even from the newly appeared block. This is a great advantage of Gonzos Quest machine - you will easily win several times in one game. Also, if you win few times in a row by this process, the following prizes will be multiplied by a still larger bonus.
Gonzos Quest includes a total of 20 winning rows, which you can use. Bets from €0.01 to €50 are possible. It's completely up to you, how much agressively you want to play the Gonzos Quest.

Example from the game:

Gonzo´s Quest slot game

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Dead or Alive slots

Dead or Alive is 5-cylindrical slot machine put in the Wild west. On this slot machine you can use coins in the value from €0.01 to €0.50 and choose 4 levels of bets. The maximal bet on all rows is €18.

When playing Dead or Alive, as always, you need to get at least 3 symbols from left to right. You can achieve this in one of the 9 winning rows. Apart from classic symbols there are also 2 special symbols. The first of them is the Wild symbol whic will substitute any othe symbol except for Scatter, which is needed here to form a winning row. The Scatter symbol is the second and it will help you win not depending on it's position, if there's more of them.

For better comfort of the players, Dead or Alive also offers the auto choice, where you can set how many rounds should be played automatically. You can see directly how those round are played and are able to stop it at any point.

Example from game:

Dead or Alive slots

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Excalibur online slots

Excalibur is 5-cylindrical slot machine. It includes symbols which are in the theme of the Legend of Artus and his sword, Excalibur.
On the Excalibur machine you can bet coins from €0.01 to €1. There are 4 levels of betting. 20 winning rows are aviable and you can choose whether you want to use all or for example just one. The bet amount for one game on this machine can be from €0.01 to €80 (the highest bet on each row).

Symbols have different values, where the lowest ones are classic card symbols and the character from the Excalibur legend images have higher value.

Except for that, you wil also find Wild symbol here, which can substitute any of the symbols and it will also multiply your prize. The next one is Scatter symbol, which will activate few free spins for you.

Example from game:

Excalibur slots

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3-cylidnrical machines

They are the oldest type of slot machines. You surely have seen them before. In accordance with the name, they have 3 cylinders, which the player is supposed to spin after setting the bet. These cylinders will stop after a while and the objective is to create some winning combination. 3-cylindrical machines usually demand 3 of a kind. On some of the machines, only symbols in the middle row are counted in, but some have more options - like 3 of a kind in the lower row, upper row or even bias. If you play 3-cylindrical machines, don't forget that different symbols have different values.
There are 3 cylindrical machines with different motives. One of the first had fruit symbols. Now there are even themes inspired by popular series or movies. Playing on such machine is usually accompanied by sound and light effects.

5-cylindrical machines

This is a more modern type of slot machines. These games include 2 more cylinders, so there's a total of 5. Thanks to that, you can achieve more winning combinations here.

If you play 5-cylindrical machines, you can influence the game more than on the classic 3-cylidnrical. Apart from Pokud hrajete 5 válcové automaty, můžete víc ovlivňovat hru než u klasických 3 válcových. Kromě different bet options, you can also choose what combinations you will bet on. You can bet on combinations of symbols in one row, diagonal or all combinations, that go at random. The more combinations you include, the higher is your chance to win. To bet each of the combinations, you needm oney, so you need to think carefully about which combinations are worth betting on.
Some 5-cylindrical machines include different symbols with a certain bonus. So that you can get for example few free spins or the symbol, that will substitute any other symbol in a certain combination.

Video slot machines

Are you bored with the classic 3 or 5 cylindrical slot machines? Then you can try out the video slot machines. They are the newest type of machines, which has gained a great popularity.
At first sight these aren't much different from classic 5*cylindrical, because they have the same number of cylinders but they offer much more. The principle of betting and prizes is the same as how it works for the previous machines. The main difference is in the fact that video machines include different minigames and inserted animations, that can tell you about an interesting story. You can solve different tasks, for which you will receive extra bonus games.
Video machines are often working with a bit more difficult rules, than the classic ones and that's why they are seen as a challenge even for skilled players. However they can also be played by a complete beginner. You won't find video slots pretty much anywhere else than in internet casinos.

Payment system of slot machines

If you want to play slot machines for money, you should know how the payment system works. It offers a relatively large number of options on how to transfer money on the online casino's account and each player will surely find one, which will be most suitable for him.
A simple way offered by the payment system is by a normal bank transfer. You just need a bank account and find, which account is used by the casino. Then you only have to fill in the form and send the money. Don't forget that bank transfers aren't of the fastest. On the other side, there are usually no or just minimal fees involved.
If you aren't suitable with the bank transfer, there are many other ways. Some like the prepaid cards, others use Gifft2Go. These work like the prepaid cards for mobile phones. These cards can be either disposable or can be recharged with a debet card.

Another ways are various online payment processors like FirePay or Click2Pay. You need to set up an account there, where you will then send money. From this account you can send money to the casino's account or the casino to your account if you need to withdraw.

Above mentioned certainly aren't all possible methods. Also, each casino can offer different methods. You should always find out which fees are involved and how long will it take to transfer the money. There can be apparent differencies between individual methods. Hovewer, the payment method system offers so much methods that anyone will surely find one to their fitting.

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